Thread: help with simple OpenGL

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    help with simple OpenGL

    Hi iam new to openGL an i want to know how to print vertex using openGL in a 2d plane.
    suppose i want to print p(2,5),q(3,2) etc on the 2d plane.
    all in know that there is a function for printing points but i dont know how to use/write the code please help.

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    You would be better served looking on the OpenGL forums. Here, there are probably only a handful of people who have used OpenGL (I have, but it was 10 years ago). We tend to focus more on standard C, and usually steer clear of 3rd party libraries. On the OpenGL forum however, everybody uses OpenGL, and there will be many experts, plus there are lots of helpful FAQs, tutorials and sample code. Here's a free link: OpenGL - The Industry Standard for High Performance Graphics.

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