Thread: good sources to learn c programming

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    good sources to learn c programming

    hiiiiii friends....
    I am new to this forum and new to c programming also.Plz give me suggestions how to learn programming and some good sources to learn it.
    Thanks in advance

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    Did you read the sticky C Book Recommendations link right at the top of this forum?
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    Hmm... that is a tricky one.

    *cough* C - Your Resource for C and C++ Programming *cough*
    Quote Originally Posted by The Jargon File
    Microsoft Windows - A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen-bit patch to an eight-bit operating system originally coded for a four-bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.

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    hey shama praveen
    The best way to learn programming is by trying to develop logic of programs on your own .Try to make as many programs as you can.
    In case of resources
    well obviously
    http://www.cprogramming.comis good resource where you can get lot of stuff. - The C++ Resources Network is another good source
    C PROGRAMMING .tk - tutorials to learn C programming for beginnersthis website have tutorials specially for beginners

    If you want to read book then let us c by yashwant kanetkar is good

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    thanks programmingc

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