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    Problem creating .exe files

    When I have compiled a .c file and is just about to run it (Ctrl+F9) it always executes the same .exe file. When I create the .exe file "manually" in DOS (gcc test.c -o test.exe) with the gcc compilator it works. But the interface apparently has some sort of problem with it... No matter what .c file I try the interface always executes the same .exe file (one of my other programs).

    Is the program only able to handle one .exe file at a time?
    And a problem this obvious just canīt be a bug!

    I use the DJGPP v. 1.4.9 compiler with the RHIDE interface.


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    I have had a few problems with ride also, thats why I dont use it, I just open up notepad, open up a dos box and do it all like that. The only reason I would prefer an ide is to see what line im on to fix errors.
    Acos is good

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