Thread: finding mean minimum and maximum values

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    finding mean minimum and maximum values

    I am trying to write a function that finds the mean maximum and minimum values for an image yes an image, Which is nothing to extraordinarily because it is just a two d matrix of pixel values. So here it was i have so far two for loops that go through the row and column coordinates of the for loop what i am confused on is how to get the mean min and maxium value i know kind of how to do it in words but now so much code

    so here are the for loops

    for(r=0; r < no_of_rows; r++) {
    for(c=0; c < no_of_cols; c++) {


    these will cycle through the row and collum coordinates but how i find the values of the maximum and minim i do not know

    please hlep

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    I am assuming you have a 2D array named data declared as something like;
        whatever_data_type  data[no_of_rows][no_of_cols];
    and populated with a set of values before your loop.

    Before the loop, declare variables named maximum and minimum, and set both of them to data[0][0].

    In the body of the loop, compare data[r][c] with minimum and maximum. It is a nobrainer that, if data[r][c] is less than minimum, the value of minimum needs to be updated and that if data[r][c] is greater than maximum, the value of maximum needs to be updated.

    This approach works regardless of the actual data type (whatever_data_type can be int, float, double, .....) as long as it is possible to compare values.
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