Thread: Compiling GTK+ C Programs in Code Blocks

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    Compiling GTK+ C Programs in Code Blocks

    I've set it up to search all directories installed for the .h and other files it needs, so the compiler gets so far that it doesn't error with that. However, I get all sorts of error messages similar to:

    Undefined reference to `gtk_init_abi_check'

    I've been all over Google trying to find an answer to this, but none of them relate to Code Blocks and give Command Line syntaxes (there is a feature in Code Blocks that allows me to add those, but it still gives the same error messages).

    Does anyone else work with Code Blocks? Do you have any idea how to go about fixing this? Thanks!

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    Add the needed library in the Code::Blocks in the project linker library section.

    Note: I suggest turning on Full Compiler Logging.
    FAQ - CodeBlocks

    Tim S.

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    Undefined reference is usually a linker error that means that it can't find the actual function. The header file just declares the function, i.e. gives it's name, parameter count and types, and return type. To actually link against that library and use the gtk_init_abi_check function in your final program, you need a couple things. First, you need the actual GTK+ library on your Windows system, not just the headers. Second, you need to tell the compiler/IDE where to find the library. I don't use Code::Blocks, so you'll have to check the docs for the specifics.

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    Thanks for the feedback! It turned out that actually, even though I'm on 64-Bit Windows 7, I had to use the 32-Bit version of GTK+ for some reason. Now things compile, but I get an error message from the program:

    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

    What could be causing this?

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    You're probably linking to the 32-bit GTK dll from a 64-bit application or vice versa

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    When I use the 64-Bit libraries, I get the aforementioned errors (such as Undefined reference to `gtk_init_abi_check') while trying to compile. When I use the 32-Bit libraries, I get the 0xC000007B error. This is the confusing part.

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