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    Smile Capture Cpu Usage


    I want to capture the Cpu usage of all the individual processes running in the windows 2000 operating system.

    Any inputs will be really handy.

    thanx again

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    Hav you loooked in the win32API ?

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    U need to have Microsoft's performance monitor API for this. Try searching for the performance monitor API in MSDN.

    As per my knowledge, you will get these API's in windows2000 resource pack (this should downloaded additionally)


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    Smile Cpu Usage

    Hello ,
    Thanx for the Reply. Ya i know i have to get it from the winapis.
    Very Well.
    Can i know the exact functions which are going to retieve me the cpu usage.

    That will be really handy.

    Thanx in advance.

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    do you think the people here know the entire WinApi off the top of their heads? Well, maybe some do. But to answer your question, someone's probably going to have to spend 15 minutes looking at why dont you do it yourself?
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