Thread: Pulling source code?

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    Pulling source code?

    New to the language, new to the forum, and totally lost. I'm trying to find a clean, easy command that pulls a string of code from youtube xhtml source. I'm trying to create an ID3 tag logger, that copies artist names and track names and translates the symbol codes into easy to read english (example: I'm Free ---> "I'm Free")
    Could any of you fine folks point me towards some reading material?

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    If you read the whole file into a string (not ideal), you can just use strstr to find the start tag you're after, then use it again to find the corresponding end tag, and extract the string in between. If you actually have to parse the XML, there are a couple good, free parsers:
    The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome
    The Expat XML Parser

    Since you're a self-proclaimed newbie, I recommend getting a good book (C Book Recommendations), reading it chapter by chapter and working through the examples until you have a good understanding of the language.

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    I'm trying to find a clean, easy command that pulls a string of code from youtube xhtml source.
    You're looking to use the wrong language then. There's no "clean, easy command" for such a thing in C. Look to a higher-level language like Python combined with Beautiful Soup for this sort of stuff. Of course there still isn't a "clean, easy command", but there are more tools available for you to use.

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