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    compiler question

    where can i download a good free C compiler for win98?

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    not sure about win98 but if ya desperately need one just type
    DJGPP into yahoo or some search engine and ya can get a free dos C/C++ compiler, not the greatest compiler, produces large exe files but its free.

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    There is a little C compiler called 'Pacific C -- MS-DOS Compiler', you can only write small programs wif it. BUt it's free.

    Try DevC++ bTW, you can compile C code wif C++ compiler.

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    try they are giving their TurboC 2.01(IDE) for free from thier Musuem.

    You can also download Borland C++ 5.5(BCC55) compiler (command line) for free. This can compile for win32 also.

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