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    Array Help

    Good Day,

    Actually, I am stuck with an assignment and I need help badly.

    I got a char check[] = "TFFTF"

    and I should receive an input on the number of students

    Number of Students: 2

    Enter name and answer: Mary TFTTT
    Enter name and answer: Leo TFTFT

    Name Score
    Mary 3
    Leo 2

    I got no problems with the output, just the basic going inside my array.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main()
    	char correct[] = "TFFFTFTFTTFTFTF";
    	char name[10][51];
    	char answers[10][51];
    	int numStudents = 0;
    	int loop, loop2;
    	printf("Please enter the number of students >");
    	scanf("%d", &numStudents);
    	for(loop = 0; loop < numStudents;loop++)
    		printf("Please Enter student %d name and answer >", loop + 1);
    		scanf("%s %s", &name[loop][0], &answers[loop][0]);
    		for(loop2 = 0; loop2 < strlen(correct); loop2++)
    this is my current code. please help me solve it. I know my array is a mess. any hint or tip is gladly appreciated.

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    for each element in the answer sheet
        if student answer equals answer sheet

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