Thread: How to interface Pajek with C/C++

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    How to interface Pajek with C/C++

    Hello all,

    I have made a C program that produces data for food-web network i.e. it generates the data of network consisting of species (NODES) and predator-prey interactions (LINKS). As my program runs, I keep evolving/changing the network at regular intervals of time i.e. the no. of nodes & links change.
    Now to visualize a particular network, I can use the software PAJEK.

    But since I have network evolution in regular intervals, I need to visualize all the networks that are generated due to the network evolution.

    How do I interface Pajek with my C program, so that whenever I do a network evolution in the program, I form a new image of the network using Pajek (and thus enabling me to form images of all the networks whose data I generate) ?
    OR should I use a shell script for the same ?
    (I am working in Linux and am running Pajek using wine.)

    Whichever way, please suggest me a solution since a very important and urgent work of mine is fast approaching the deadline and getting delayed just because of my inability to visualize my networks.


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    From what you've described, I don't think a shell script is the solution. You would only do that if your C program stopped after each evolution. As for running Pajek from your C program, take a look at this tutorial: FAQ > Run a program from within a program. I usually use the system() function to take care of stuff like this in Linux.

    There is also a free graph visualization tool for Linux called GraphViz (Home | Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software), that I think has an API you can use directly in your C program.

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    Thanx anduril

    Thanx anduril,

    I am trying it & have been trying it with some success.

    Thanx a lot for replying.


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