Thread: 2 Matrix to generate a 3rd one

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    2 Matrix to generate a 3rd one

    Hi im trying to create a c program that the user insert a matrix's of 7x7 and the system create a second one 7x7 but the first seven are just the biggest numbers and the second seven are just the lowest numbers:

    int main (){
    int m[7][7],l,c;
    int i;
    for (l=0;l<7;l++){
    	for (c=0;c<7;c++){
    		printf("Inform a value: \n");
    for (l=0;l<7;l++){
    	for (c=0;c<7;c++){
    		printf("Matrix: %d \n", m[l][c]);
    can someone shine a light! im just starting to learn C
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    Ok... shining light...

    If you are just starting C, stay with your tutorials and books. Work through them, do the exercises and study well enough that you understand what each example is doing.


    1) Because it's very likely that something very similar to this is covered in your texts.
    2) Because this is a relatively advanced project, which will use up a lot of volunteer time here, if we have to baby-step you through it.

    Get through the tutorials first, start your project when you understand a little better... if you run into problems, post your code here (in code tags) and ask specific questions...
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    Could the process be streamlined? I'm unclear what you want to do, exactly. Maybe show an example?

    Would a 14 x 7 matrix be OK, and then sort it?

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