Thread: Delete node in linked list..

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    Delete node in linked list..

    guys, how do i delete a node in linked list based on the user input value?

    is mine correct?
    void deleteList(List *pList)
    	int numDelete;
    	ListNode *pPre;
    	ListNode *pCur;
    	printf("Enter integer to be deleted : ");
    	scanf("%d", &numDelete);
    		while (pCur!=NULL)
    			if (pCur->entry==numDelete)
    my header code is like follwing..
    typedef int ListEntry;
    typedef struct listnode {
    ListEntry entry;
    struct listnode *nextnode;
    } ListNode;
    typedef int Position;
    typedef struct list {
    int count;
    ListNode *head;
    } List;
    please help me anyone? i really need to solve this assignment of mine in hurry.. thanks..

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    Have you tried it? What happens if numDelete is at the head of the list?
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    I remember already commenting on the problems with the above code, in another thread, and you haven't learnt anything from it yet. I'm not going to repeat what I've already said.

    Starting extra threads for no good reason will just get others fed up with you. You wont get more help than if you had one thread, you'll get less. Good luck with that.
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    I'm so sorry. Is there a way to close this thread?

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