Thread: Can i define structure like that ?

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    Can i define structure like that ?

    Hello all,

    I come up with a strange defination of a struct ?
    Can we define it like that.
    And what does it means also how to solve that type of problem ?
    here is the code
    struct value
            int bit1:1;
            int bit3:4;
            int bit4:4;
        }bit={1, 2, 13};
        printf("%d, %d, %d\n", bit.bit1, bit.bit3, bit.bit4);
    i think it suppose to print value as 1,2,13 actually it print value as -1,2,-3
    How this happen ?

    Please clerify it as this is totally new type to me..!!


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    > int bit1:1;
    How many sign bits do you have in a signed integer.
    How many value bits do you have left?
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    try it like this....
    struct value
      { unsigned int  bit1 : 1,
                      bit3 : 4,
                      bit4 : 4; }
      bit = {1,2,13};

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