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    Implicit cast to const

    Hi community,
    My first question on tihs forum is about implicit casting from a non constant pointer to a constant pointer. Í thought this would be the case. But my compiler(gcc) brings up this.

    game.c: In function ‘main’:
    game.c:77: warning: passing argument 1 of ‘SK_next_it’ from incompatible pointer type
    vertex_buffer.h:16: note: expected ‘struct sk_vertex_list_entry * const**’ but argument is of type ‘struct sk_vertex_list_entry ***’

    It's a bit complex cause I have a pointer to a pointer to a pointer here. So I'm not sure If I totaly understand what's going on exactly.

    Because the first thing you think, ehen you see something like this is. Eh, are you really sure you need this? So here's a short explanation why I ended up with something like this.

    First my typedefs, representing iterators for a singly linked list:

    typedef struct sk_vertex_list_entry ** SK_IT; 
    typedef struct sk_vertex_list_entry * const * SK_CONST_IT;
    There should be an implicit cast from SK_IT to SK_CONST_IT. SK_IT should be useable with all functions with an SK_CONST_IT argument.

    The function, throwing the warning is:

    void SK_next_it(CONST_IT *it)
    	(*it) = &(**it)->next;
    It moves the iterator to the next list element.

    Why a pointer to a pointer and not a pointer to an element?
    The iterator pointing to the next pointer of the previous element. This way, it's possible to insert an element before and/or after an element, like in a doubly linked list.

      it_begin                     it_end
          |                           |
          v                           v
    list ---> element1 ---> element2 ---> NULL

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    Is there any particular reason you don't just use a double linked list, instead of maintaining a separate list of pointers? What's the point of even having a linked list, if you're just keeping an array of pointers to all of them? That defeats the purpose of the list.

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