Thread: Program code:: blocks of programming c does not appear properly after installing

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    Program code:: blocks of programming c does not appear properly after installing

    I have installed the program code:: blocks of programming c After the installation, I found that the menu bar appears in right side not in left side which menu bar should be in and language appears in reverse in centre of program's interface as it shown in image below .
    Note that OS : windows xp sp2 english version .

    I hope helping me to fix all issues above to make menu bar is appeared in left side as known and to fix reversed language .
    thank you all .

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    There may be some people here that can help, but this is technically a C forum. We do have a general board and tech board for non-programming questions like this, but you would probably have better luck if you asked this on the Code::Blocks forum. Check the Code::Blocks site under the quick links (on the left) for the FAQ, forum and wiki.

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    Scan through your code:blocks settings... you probably have right to left text turned on... it's needed for some middle east langages. You likely just need to uncheck the option.

    Also check your Location settings in XP's control panel, make sure it's selected for an English language.

    While you're at it you may want to update XP to SP3...
    Download details: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers

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    Thank you guys :
    It Solved . In fact i have already suspected in some option in regional and language options in control panel that is of (Standards and Formats of how programs will be displayed) i changed its setting to arabic so that error ocurred . But after your replies i could remember .

    Thank you lots and good luck .

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