Thread: Execution won't go past random line??

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    Execution won't go past random line??


    I won't post my entire code because it is sufficiently long, but I was hoping somebody might have an idea as to why the following is happening:
      if (state==3 && gpost<pID){
          hd = err;
          return hd;
        printf("before HERE\n");
        /* HERE */
        printf("after HERE");
    Fairly uninteresting piece of code, but without further explanation of what's going on, I have the problem that upon reaching the line with the comment "HERE" that I placed above, my program stops and then nothing happens. So I was just wondering if there's any general reason an error like this could occur?

    Oh, and the return statement shouldn't have anything to do with it since the following printf (before HERE) gets printed.


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    Nothing wrong with the code you posted. We would need more to be sure. The best thing to do is post the smallest, compilable sample that produces the error.

    In the mean time, I'm going to guess there's a seg fault somewhere. Perhaps you're overflowing a buffer or writing to an invalid file handle. Not much else I can say without seeing more though.

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    Ah yes, seg faults. Now that you mention it, I'm quite sure that is the issue, thanks for the quick response, you've put me back on track.

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