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    fscanf printf while loop help

    I made this program and got it to compile without any errors but it doesn't run as expected. If I enter 2 I will get to see all of the student information for each individual. Once I get back to the menu selection and press 2 again I don't see any student information. How can I make it so that every time I press 2 at the menu I get to see all student information?
     #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main()
    	FILE *pAppend;
    	FILE *pRead;
    	char fName[21];
    	char lName[21];
    	char id[15];
    	float gpa=0;
    	int iSelection=0;
    	pAppend = fopen("StudentInformation.dat", "a");
    	pRead = fopen("StudentInformation.dat", "r");
    	while(iSelection!=3) {
    	printf("\nStudent Information Exercise\n\n");
    	printf("Select an option\n");
    	printf("1)\tEnter student information\n");
    	printf("2)\tView current student information on file\n");
    	printf("3)\tExit student information exercise\n\n");
    	scanf("%d", &iSelection);
    	if (pAppend==NULL)
    		printf("File not opened\n");
    	if (pAppend==NULL){
    		printf("File not opened\n");
    		return 0;	
    		printf("Enter first name, last name id and GPA\n\n");
    		printf("Enter data seperated by spaces:  ");
    		scanf("%s%s%s%f", fName, lName, id, &gpa);
    		fprintf(pAppend, "%s\t%s\t%s\t%.2f\n", fName, lName, id, gpa);
    	if(iSelection==2) {
    		if (pRead==NULL){
    		printf("File not opened\n");
    		return 0;	
    		printf("Current student information\n\n");
    		printf("First Name\tLast Name\tID\tGPA\n");
    		fscanf(pRead, "%s%s%s%f", fName, lName, id, &gpa);
    		while(!feof(pRead) ) {
    		printf("%s\t\t%s\t\t%s\t%.2f\n", fName, lName, id, gpa);
    		fscanf(pRead, "%s%s%s%f", fName, lName, id, &gpa);

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    Opening the same file for reading and updating won't work.

    You've already opened it for update, that is all you need.

    However, having said that, performing updates on a text file is exceedingly difficult with variable length records.
    It is generally a LOT simpler to read from one file, and write to another.

    Also, your indentation still needs work. Indentation - cpwiki
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    Link isn't working, I'll check it again later and look at my books indentation till then.

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