Thread: communication between C and Dot Net Channel

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    communication between C and Dot Net Channel


    I have two different application, one is in Linux gateway (written entirely in ANSI C and Linux) and other is dot net server application.I wanted to implement a communication channel (code in Linux and C) or some mechanism, which will help these different services to share objects/data.

    Is it possible to communicate between two distinct OS environment using C and Linux remoting?

    If so, what could be the fine tuned way to achieve the same? What are the other possible thoughts to implement the same apart from remoting and web service?

    Any thoughts / link/ sample application will be appreciated.



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    Yes, you use a socket()

    It's the same kind of idea that allows you to write a web browser in any language and on any operating system, to talk to a webserver anywhere else in the world, written in any language and running on any operating system.

    At the Linux/C end, start with Beej's Guide to Network Programming
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