Thread: Help with printing to a file!!!!

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    Help with printing to a file!!!!

    I want to print to a .txt file all 25 numbers, but in the file only the 0 apears.
    How can I print consecutive outputs?
    int main()
    	int j;
    	FILE *textcode;
    	for(j=0; j<26; j++)
    			textcode=fopen("/home/julian/Desktop/textcode.txt", "w");
    			fprintf(textcode, "%d\t",j);

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    Move fopen to the outside of the loop, test if the file was successfully opened, then enter the loop. And lastly, close the file before returning.

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    Whenever u open a file in "write" mode, its contents will be lost. Here, in this code, u are opening the file in each n evry iteration, which will erase the content that u entered last time. So u should place the code for opening the file, outside the for loop.

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