Thread: Code Analisys Tools for Linux C programs

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    Code Analisys Tools for Linux C programs

    On Linux are there any type of tools or software that will do things like...

    List all functions in a .C file
    Show function calls in a linkage diagram (kinda like database schema diagram)
    Other type analisys ??

    I'm using ctags, cscope, ctree, Doxygen etc. and vi, but its just really kludgy.
    I also tried Cxref, which is nice for small programs, but it's much to small.

    I don't care if its for emacs, vi or standalone.

    I'm looking for good C code analisys tools, For C, I'm not working with C++.

    Thanks for the help,
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    This belongs in the general board since it isn't really a C related question, but...

    I have used a ctags, cscope, doxygen and vim setup for years and loved it, though it did take a little tweaking, and some plugins and scripts, etc to get things dialed in and make sure my tag and cscope databases were kept up to date. If you do/can use X Windows, you have more options for a stereotypical IDE that might have these features. There's Eclipse, and I think Gnome and KDE both come with their own IDE, but I've never used them.

    Valgrind is great for code analysis. It does memory usage/leaks, buffer overflows, heap profiling, static function call analysis, thread locks, and more. There are viewers for making a nice presentation out of some of that data, KCachegrind comes to mind, but that's it. Lint is another tool that does some code analysis, but I haven't used it since college. I imagine it's still available, but I think Valgrind does all that and then some.

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    A free tool like Lint is splint
    Splint Home Page
    but be warned, if you thought lint was picky, then splint will be a shock.
    But to get the best from it, you have to annotate the code with various comments to give the tool some extra information (like doxygen comments, only more precise).

    For a graphical view of the code base, try Source Navigator (there seem to be two versions at the moment)
    Source-Navigator | Download Source-Navigator software for free at
    source navigator NG
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    Thanks so very much !!

    Source-Navagitor Is Wonderfull !!!!!!
    It's just what I was looking for !


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    LLVM is the basis for a bunch of static analysis tools, e.g. Clang Static Analyzer. Google will likely turn up a lot more things to play with.

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