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    unable to print

    hi everyone. im new here.
    this my code:

     #include <math.h>
    double main()
        double num1;
        double num2;
        printf ("enter number 1: \n");
        scanf("%e" , &num1);
        printf("enter number 2 \n");
        scanf("%e", &num2);
         double arithmetic_mean = (( num1 + num2)/2);
            printf ("Arithmetic Mean is :  \n", arithmetic_mean);;
         double geometric_mean =  sqrt (num1 * num2);
            printf ("Geometric Mean is  : \n" , geometric_mean);
         double harmonic_mean = 2 / ( 1 / num1)+ (1 / num2);
            printf (" Harmonic Mean is : \n", harmonic_mean);
    return (0);
    when i run the program i am unable to print anythin on the last 3 prinf's it just comes up as blank.
    how can i correct this?

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    First you need to include stdio.h for the standard input/output functions. Second main must be defined to return an int, not a double and should return an int. Third in your scanfs you are using the format specifier "%e" which works for a float but you are using a double so the specifier should be "%le" or "%lf". The printfs you have a variable you want to print but you don't have the specifier in the format string:
    printf (" Harmonic Mean is : %e\n", harmonic_mean);
    You should look at these links for scanf and printf.


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    thanks alot

    i jus started c in uni.
    make many mistakes


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