Thread: Why is this faster

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    Why is this faster

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a program here and came across this discovery
     while(arr[i] * h[index[i]] <= h[num-1])  index[i]+=1;

     while(arr[i] * h[index] <= h[num-1])  index++;
    When i run both in my program, the compile time for the first code is 0 seconds however for the second code it takes 5 second.

    Can someone explain to me why is it that using index as an array is faster?

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    Do you mean compile time or run time?
    Two different things!!

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    You do realize these two code are entirely different.
    1st case, index is array. index[i]+=1;
    2nd , index is just an integer. perhaps? show the declaration!

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    Ok I think in the second one index is the address of the array?
    Or is it?

    It would help if you printed the values of the variables ie

    arr[i], h[index] and [num-1]

    then you would have an idea of what is going on, maybe.

    I think I am agreeing with Bayint, 'index' is probably a huge 64 bit number such as 9347593475972

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    I'm not surprised they take differing amounts of time. It looks to me like you've made a 'floptimisation'. It's not just slower, it doesn't actually do the same thing any more, and would clearly give different results.

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