Thread: floating point exception?

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    floating point exception?

    hey everybody. im was doing a bit of practice to make a programme which would calculate the total resistance and 3 resistors if they were in parallel and in series, when it compiles it keeps saying "floating point exception", can some body please explain what this means. here is the code which i have written:
    int main (void)
        int r1,r2,r3;
        float rp, rs;
        r1 = 2000;
        r2 = 1500;
        r3 = 750;
        printf("the value of 3 resistors are\n");
        printf("r1 = %d\n", r1);
        printf("r2 = %d\n", r2);
        printf("r3 = %d\n\n", r3);
        rs = r1 + r2 + r3;
        rp = 1/((1/r1)+(1/r2)+(1/r3));
        printf("if the resistors were in series\ntotal resistance would be %f\n", rs);
        printf("if the resistors where in parallel\ntotal resistance would be %f\n ", rp);
        return 0;
    and here is the output which keeps popping up:

    the values of the 3 resistors are
    r1 = 2000
    r2 = 1500
    r3 = 750

    floating point exception

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    I suggest you declare r1, r2, r3 as float.
    As it is, the formula 1/r1... will give 0 + 0 + 0, and then when you do 1/(0) it's a divide-by-zero problem.

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    thanks for that man i changed them to a float and it worked fine.

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