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    Question timer

    my code has a problem, and i don't know why? I'm using C.

    int easy(int z)//EASY ROUND PROBLEM
        int elapTicks;
         double elapMilli, elapSeconds, elapMinutes;
         clock_t Begin, End;             //initialize Begin and End for the timer
          int cells (int z){
          char sudoku_prob[Z][Y][X]={
       Begin = clock() * CLK_TCK;    //begin the timer
       // for(int a=1; a<=10000; a++);
          //initialization of a 3D array where array[Z][Y][X] in a 3D Cartesian plane
               int i=1,x, y,check=0;
                   for (y=0; y<Y; y++){
                            for (x=0; x<X; x++)
                            printf("%4c", sudoku_prob[z][y][x]);
                case 0:    printf("\nEnter for A: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][2]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for B: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][5]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for C: ");sudoku_prob[z][1][4]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for D: ");sudoku_prob[z][2][1]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for E: ");sudoku_prob[z][2][6]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for F: ");sudoku_prob[z][3][2]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for G: ");sudoku_prob[z][4][0]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for H: ");sudoku_prob[z][4][4]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for I: ");sudoku_prob[z][5][2]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for J: ");sudoku_prob[z][5][8]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for K: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][0]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for L: ");sudoku_prob[z][6][5]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for M: ");sudoku_prob[z][6][8]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for O: ");sudoku_prob[z][8][3]=getchar();getchar();
                           printf("Enter for P: ");sudoku_prob[z][8][7]=getchar();getchar();
             default: break;       
              //Checking of answers     
              for (y=0; y<Y; y++){
                  for (x=0; x<X; x++){
                      if (sudoku_ans[z][y][x]==sudoku_prob[z][y][x])
                if (check==81)
                printf("\n\nAnswer Correct: Press any key to continue\n\n");
                printf("\n\nAnswer Incorrect: Press any key to continue\n\n");    
            End = clock() * CLK_TCK;        //stop the timer
                return check;        
         elapTicks = End - Begin;        //the number of ticks from Begin to End
         elapMilli = elapTicks/1000;     //milliseconds from Begin to End
         elapSeconds = elapMilli/1000;   //seconds from Begin to End
         elapMinutes = elapSeconds/60;   //minutes from Begin to End
         if(elapSeconds < 1)
              printf("\n\nIt took %d milliseconds.", elapMilli);
         else if(elapSeconds == 1)
              printf("\n\nIt took  1 second.");
         else if(elapSeconds > 1 && elapSeconds < 60)
              printf("\n\nIt took %d seconds.", elapSeconds);
         else if(elapSeconds >= 60)   
              printf("\n\nIt took  %d minutes.", elapMinutes);
      return 0;

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    What sort of problem?

    Doesn't solve soduku ?
    Doesn't time it properly ?

    Posting a snippet of uncompilable code and saying "it doesn't work" doesn't give us much to go on.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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