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    Pthreads help

    Hi I have built a simple web server in C, and I now have to make it multi threaded. I also have to produce a multi threaded command line client to test the multi-threaded capability of the server. I have finished the client and the server however I get read errors when making more than 1 request to the server. I believe it is because I need to look some resources with mutexes but I'm not quite sure how and where to do it.

    while (1) {
        //Accept new connection and fork
        remote_len = sizeof(remote_addr);
        sd = accept(lsd, (struct sockaddr *) &remote_addr, &remote_len);
        printf("Connection Received!\n");
        //Store remote IP in "inetadddr" for error logging
        inet_ntop(AF_INET, &(remote_addr.sin_addr), inetaddr, INET_ADDRSTRLEN);
        if (sd < 0) {
          logerrors("Socket Error: Cannot accept connection from",inetaddr);
        params->sd = sd;
        params->inetaddr = inetaddr;
        threadr = pthread_create(&thread[i++], NULL, web, (void*) params);
    That is the accept code in main and the new thread starts with web function:

    void *web (void *arg) 
      int n, sd;
      char buffer[BUFFERSIZE];
      char *inetaddr;
      struct funcparams *params = (void *) arg;
      sd = params->sd;
      inetaddr = params->inetaddr;
      bzero(buffer, BUFFERSIZE);
      //Read browser request
      n = read(sd,buffer,BUFFERSIZE);
    So this read request fails, well it works for the first connection then fails on the rest. Like I said i'm sure its because I need to lock the resources sd and inetaddr but i'm not sure where to lock and unlock. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    You really need

    params = malloc( sizeof *params );

    If your params is anything else (pointer to a local, an array of some sort), then MULTIPLE threads are going to end up referencing the same (or possibly non-existent) block of memory.
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    The malloc is before the accept loop, it is there:

    params = (struct funcparams *) malloc(sizeof(struct funcparams));
    The struct is:

    struct funcparams {
    	int sd;
    	char *inetaddr;

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    >> The malloc is before the accept loop
    It needs to be in the loop - each thread gets its own parameters. You're passing a shallow copy of 'inetaddr' too. That needs to be a unique pointer per-thread as well.


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    I don't understand what you mean, can you elaborate please?

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    OK I got it working now, thanks

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