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    Question Decimal, Octal & Hexadecimal

    Hi all.

    Can anyone help me clarify these statements.

    1. C support unary minus operator for hexadecimal and octal literals (eg. -0xFF, -002)
    2. Negative hexadecimal will count from FFFFFFFF for 'int' type.?
    3. Negative octal will count from 377777777777 for 'int' type. ?

    Am I right?

    I just try this out.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	int x = -1;
    	printf("%i %o %x\n", x, x, x);
    	int y = -0x01;
    	printf("%i %o %x\n", y, y, y);
    	int z = -001;
    	printf("%i %o %x\n", z, z, z);
    	return 0;	
    Output :
    1 377777777777 FFFFFFFF
    1 377777777777 FFFFFFFF
    1 377777777777 FFFFFFFF

    Lastly, how to print hexadecimal and octal as '-0x01' and '-001' instead of 'FFFFFFFF' and '377777777777' using printf?



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    You would need to do something like
    if ( x < 0 ) {
      x = -x;
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    I think it's 37777777777 (10 x '7', not 11 x '7').

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