Thread: sily mistake...cant find it!

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    sily mistake...cant find it!

    whats wrong?
    	printf("this line should never be printed\n");
    } /* end of main */
    long unsigned int yourfunction(unsigned int n){
    	/* fopen example */
    	FILE *pFile;
    	pFile = fopen ("myfile.txt","w");
    		if (pFile != NULL){
    			fputs ("fopen example\n", pFile);
    			fclose (pFile);
    return 0;
    cs091770@csroot:~/Desktop$ gcc kernel_system.c 
    kernel_system.c: In function ‘main’:
    kernel_system.c:296: error: expected declaration or statement at end of input

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    Given the poor quality of your indentation, I'd say the problem was a lot earlier in your code.

    Basically, you have an extra / missing brace somewhere, but that doesn't seem to be in the snippet you posted.
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    ok salem i will check out the whole code then...thanks !

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