Thread: Compute standard deviation and mean of an input file

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    Question Compute standard deviation and mean of an input file

    I just received this programming assignment and i was wondering if someone could at least get me started on it and guide me through the steps, i would really appreciate it.

    IMG.pdf (this is the actual programming question)
    2.pdf (and this is an example of the output)

    the file in which it is talking about is just a general file there is no specific file to read off of, we're just supposed to pretend like there is one in our directory, i'm using the standard language in linux

    Thanks in advance much appreciated

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    The way that programming forums work is this:

    1) YOU show that you have some work on this assignment, by getting started. The assignment is yours, not ours. You figure out what you need to get started.

    2) When you get stuck on some problem, post up your C code, and we'll try to help.

    That saves a lot of time for us (not for you, but that's life, eh?) and lets the forum stay focused on the C issues, rather than figuring out what your assignment really is asking for, etc.

    Without showing your work to get started, it's very rare that anyone will just jump in and do your assignment for you, or even "get you started".

    We need you to get things started -- you're the one in the class, reading the book, etc., not us.

    Take the lead.

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    So what are your initial thoughts on what you think you will need to do?
    As you are Studying programming and presumably having done some study work prior to this, other assignments etc, you will have a knowledge of what is likely to be required?
    Having read the docs you posted I see there is plenty in the question paper itself to give you ideas and get going.
    And seeing that the data set will be rather small you do not even have to worry about screen formatting your output too much as it will probably fit easily in one go.

    guide me through the steps,
    I suppose that's the thing about programming really, there are no 'set steps' to complete any given problem, there are certainly recommended ways of doing FAQ style tasks but when it comes to a question paper (or actual project) that will contain custom requirements then that is where your ability as a programmer has to come into it, above and beyond the actual code you write you have to ask questions of your design and choice of approach from the outset, If you get it right, or almost right then things will go a lot more smoothly when managing the code part.
    Nowadays I am very reluctant to get typing code without a thorough design / pen and paper/ user story think through stage first. If nopt you can end up completing a load of work 'freehand' that is or becomes impossible to work with as the project develops
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    i've been battling with this all night nothing is even coming up close, i'll pay someone peanuts if you program this for me not even joking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rasiegel View Post
    I just received this programming assignment and i was wondering if someone could at least get me started on it and guide me through the steps, i would really appreciate it.
    Wow, you expect us to believe that you "just received" it, and it was due in an hour and a half from when you posted? You take us for fools, then you have the gall to offer us a mere bagel to short you on a chance to learn a lesson in programming (it takes time) and life (sometimes you have to take your lumps for being lazy and procrastinating). You're only taking a 10% hit by turning it in a day late, so take the next 22 hours to make one hell of a good statistics program. Write a program worth 100% and you'll still walk out with a 90%, probably better than half the class, and the crap that would have been cranked out in 10 min for a quick muffin.

    Read some tutorials we have on this site: - Programming Tutorials: C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy
    Here are some things you'll need to do:
    1. Read the input file to count entries.
    2. Allocate enough space for an array of that many ints.
    3. Reread the file to store them in said array.
    4. Iterate through those elements, calculating the various statistics.

    Get started, and come back with a serious attempt and some serious questions, and you will get serious help.
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