Thread: hel plz im lost on pointers

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    hel plz im lost on pointers

    Part 1
    In your main() function, ask the user to enter their full name. Ensure that you can successfully store their name, with the space and without having a ‘\n’ character in the array.

    Part 2
    Pass a pointer of your character array into a function that outputs the number of characters stored in your character array.

    Part 3
    Pass a pointer of your character array into a function this displays the reverse.

    Part 4
    Again, passing a pointer to your array, inform the user which character is the space in your name.

    Part 5
    Within your main function, after you’ve called the other functions, reverse your name

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    Ok, so, sit down and work this one on paper...

    Think about what do you have to do for each step separately.
    Start by tetting the guy's name into a character array.
    Test that it's being correctly stored.

    Move on to the next step...

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    Don't get confuzzled by all this "pointer" talk.

    The name of the array, is ALMOST a constant pointer to the first element of the array, and that is how arrays are commonly passed to functions:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    void printIt(char *myname);
    int main(void) {
      char myname[] = "Rick";
      printIt(myname); //"myname is the "pointer"
      //other stuff here
      return 0;
    void printIt(char *myname) {
      printf("\nMy name is: %s\n", *myname);
    So, what have you been studying for user input of a string, which includes a space, and does not include a newline char?

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    Oooh a list of instructions for you to follow, how nice!
    Now all we need is some questions about it, and the posting of what code you have so far...
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