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    input output redirection

    I have a file.txt which is in my documents , How can I redirect the output of that file using CMD to another file namely file2.txt .

    The c program that I wrote is working but I do not know how to use input/output redirection.
    My project is saved in documents\projects and my file is in my documents what should I type or how to change the path for it to work?

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    You're on Windows, right?

    Where is the output of the program going, now?

    If your program is "hard coded" and writing to one filename only, then I don't believe you can redirect that output to another file.

    If your program is writing it's output to the stdout (the screen usually), then it's easy to redirect the output to a file, using a terminal window (text window):

    myProgramsName >fileNameYouWant (and hit enter key)

    Is that what you wanted? I am unclear what "the output" of a text file, IS.

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