Thread: Using ## to concatenate tokens

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    Using ## to concatenate tokens

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to get my code to automatically print out string literals called MESSAGE1, MESSAGE2, etc. However, the compiler tells me that it cannot find MESSAGEi. This isn't what I want, obviously. How do I do it properly?


    #define MESSAGE(i) MESSAGE##i
    #define MESSAGELINES 2
    #define MESSAGE1 "First string"
    #define MESSAGE2 "Second string"
    	int i ;
    	for ( i = 0 ; i < MESSAGELINES ; i++ )
    		printf ( "%s" , MESSAGE(i) );
    	return 0;

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    Token concatenation occurs at preprocessing time. However, you're trying to make up the name by accessing the value of the variable `i', which is unavailable to the preprocessor as it can be only known at runtime.
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    It wouldn't work anyway, because you start i at 0, so you'd be trying to make MESSAGE0 and MESSAGE1, not MESSAGE1 and MESSAGE2.

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