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    Unhappy Train simulation

    I was given an assignment but I don't know much about c programming. please i will like to know more that's the reason I have decided to join this forum.

    A new metro system is to be constructed by an independent company somewhere in the UK to link up 10 stations in a line (not a loop). The name of the station s are as follows:-
    Ashford - Brentworth - Canonbury Cross - Dowgate - Edbury - Fenchurch Street - Gresham - Hampstead - Islington - Jamaica Road

    The distance between each of the stations is fairly equal therefore the ticket cost between each station is 2.00 with an extra 50% added on for a return journey.

    Example: A return ticket from brentworth to hampstead will cost 18.00

    The company would like a user friendly piece of software to operate their ticket machines. All that is required at this stage is that the software does the following:-
    1. The user can select a departure station
    2. The user can select an arrival station
    3. the user can select either single or return journey.

    The program must then display on the screen a suitable summary of the ticket that the user can check prior to accepting and and paying.

    please can anyone help me out with this? I will really appreciate your feedback or comment(s)

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    Welcome to the forum, mikel360

    You need to put together a start for your program, and then we can assist in some concrete way.

    You'll need a menu. Something like this function, but with different options and such, of course.

    Same basic logic. Main() calls menu(), menu calls everything else (or close to it).

    int menu (void)
      double avg_score; .
      int choice, scores[SIZE], hi_score, lo_score;
      do {
            printf("\nMenu option one    1");
            printf("\nMenu option two    2");
            printf("\nMenu option three  3");
            printf("\nQUIT enter         4");
            printf("\nEnter your choice: ");
            scanf("%d", &choice);
            (void) getchar(); //clean the input of newline char
            switch (choice) {
            case 1: //your code might call many other functions here
            case 2: //to handle all these possible choices
            case 3: //your code here
            case 4: //your code here
              printf("Error! Try again please\n");
      }while(choice != 4);
      return 0; //or (0)
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    No code, no feedback.
    Disclaimer: This post shows my ignorance at the time of its making. I claim ownership of but not responsibility for all errors in it. Reference at your own peril.

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    Decide how the user will enter in the station names. Likely not typing them in but rather by a menu choice, numeric... Then devise a calculation based on departure & arrival station number plus calculation for return trip.

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    thank you guys for your feedback. I will post my code soon

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