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    Question What should I study next?

    Hi, everyone. I'm 33 years old and computers are a hobby for me. I've never studied computers at Uni or worked professionally with them. I learned BASIC on the TRS-80, then 6809 assembly, then got an Amiga and learned 68000 assembly. In high school I dabbled in C, C++ and Pascal. I'm interested in using my programming skills to program AVR microcontrollers, maybe write a Wikipedia bot, and hopefully make myself useful to a Linux project or two one day.

    Recently I made the decision that I wanted to learn one language really well, so that instead of kinda-sorta knowing programming, I could become a guru in one language. I chose C99. I have read K&R 2nd edition from beginning to end. I've also read Sam's Teach Yourself C in 21 days, which covers the same material.

    So where do I go from here? To become a guru C programmer, what do I need to know now?


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    personally i think its good to know all types of programming in an out bu youve done more or less code line programming maybe try something like java easy and fast to pick up if you have c down and

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    May I recommend data structures (hash tables, trees, lists, etc.) and algorithms (sorting, searching, etc)....seems like the next logical step.

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