Thread: fgets skipping, buffer issue?

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    fgets skipping, buffer issue?

    my code is here
    void putbook(libr *lib, int cnt)
    int i;
    long unsigned int sal;
            printf("You will be adding information for %d books.\n", cnt);
            for (i=0; i<cnt; i++)
                    printf("\nFor book #%d Enter the access No: ", (i+1));
                    printf("Enter the author's name(lastname, firstname):");
                    fgets((*lib).name, 100, stdin);
                    printf("%s", (*lib).name);
                    printf("Enter the books information:\nTitle:\n");
                    fgets((*lib).book.title, 100, stdin);
                    printf("%s", (*lib).book.title);
                    scanf("%f", &(*lib).book.price);
                    scanf("%d", &(*lib).book.year);
                    printf("Enter the books status (Available, Not_Available, Reference_Only, Online): ");
                    scanf("%d", &(*lib).Status);
    my first fgets is skipped, i think because i'm using scanf before gets and it leaves a \n behind in the keyboard buffer, i've tried all types of buffer clearing, any suggestions on how I can get my fgets to stop skipping??
    thank you.

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    Have you tried:

    while( getchar() != '\n' );

    after scanf() ?

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    I actually fixed this problem by just putting getchar(); after every scanf that precedes a fgets.
    Thank you!

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