Thread: memcpy - part of array to specific position in different array

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    memcpy - part of array to specific position in different array


    I am trying to do a simple program like this. There is an input, which is a wide-char message and i should copy only some substrings of this message to the output. In the example below, the output should be input[4]+input[3..5]. So lets say for wcMessageIn='ABCDEFG' I should get wcMessageOut='DCDE'.

    #define MSG_LENGTH 4096
    static wchar_t *wcMessageIn;    
    static wchar_t *wcMessageOut; 
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])                 
      wcMessageIn = (wchar_t *)malloc(MSG_LENGTH * sizeof(wchar_t));
      wcMessageOut = (wchar_t *)malloc(MSG_LENGTH * sizeof(wchar_t));
      /* receive message and convert it to wcMessageIn using mbstowcs */
      /* lMsgWCharLen = mbstowcs(wcMessageIn, cMessage, MSG_LENGTH);  */
      /* copy 4th character on input to 1st character on output - THIS WORKS*/
      wcMessageOut[0] = wcMessageIn[3];
      /* append 3th to 5th character on input to output - THIS DOES NOT WORK */
      memcpy(wcMessageOut + 1*sizeof(wchar_t), wcMessageIn + 2*sizeof(wchar_t), 3*sizeof(wchar_t));
      /* do some cleanup here */
    Can you please help me with the memcpy? In the real world, the messages will be long and I would be copying substrings of hundreds or thousands characters, so I would like to avoid doing it in a loop, char by char.

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    There's no need to multiply your address offsets by sizeof(wchar_t) - pointer arithmetic will do it for you.

    Or you could do
    memcpy( &wcMessageOut[1], &wcMessageIn[2], 3*sizeof(wchar_t));
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    Something like...
    memcpy(out,in + start_offset, total_len - end -start_offset);

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    Salem, thank you very much. That helped a lot!

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