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    Learning C Programming

    I just bought C Programming A Beginner's Course, by Noel Kalicharan, to learn how to program.

    I will be attending college for computer engineering this fall and would like a headstart in this field.

    Where can I get a free complier(?) for windows XP/7 to start writing code and practicing? Thanks in advance

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    I'm sure this information is already on the forum somewhere, but a couple of commonly recommended ones are:

    Pelles C
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    There are some fine choices:

    1) Pellec C
    smorgasbordet - Pelles C

    2) Microsoft Visual Express (C and C++ compilers, so watch out)

    3) Code::Blocks (just an IDE), with it's recommended compiler.

    When you find out what your college is using, try to use the same one, because there are differences (not only between features, but also in matters like range of variables for 32 and 64 bit integers, etc.).

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

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    MinGW is probably the cleanest and most compact compiler out there. It's a port of GCC for Windows.

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    MinGW would just be compiler. If you do suggest MinGW better to go for either Code::Block or Dev-C++ as they come along with the IDE. I use Dev-C++ and i'm happy with it. Although the Dev-C++ project has been terminated sadly there wouldn't be any updates avalibale. But still avaliable to download.

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