Thread: Find my mistake!

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    Find my mistake!

    Hi, im a beginner of programming c and this is an exercise from the book The C Programming Language by Bran W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, exercise 1-8.
    I am trying to simply count the spaces, tabs, new lines of an input. But the problem is, when i compile and run, then type something and enter, nothing comes up. just blanks.
    Please find any mistakes or possible solutions!! Thanks.

        int line=0,tab=0,space=0;
        int input;
        while ((input=getchar())!=EOF){
              if (input=='\t'){
              if (input==' '){
              if (input=='\n'){
        printf ("%2d%2d%2d",space,tab,line);

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    Do you know that you need to signal EOF from the keyboard? CTRL-Z in Windows, I believe, CTRL-D in Linux.

    In other words, type in some text, some blanks, some tabs, and newlines - whatever, and when you are finished, do EOF from the keyboard, and the program will print the results.
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    Thanks, Kermit

    following your advice, it works now.

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