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    Fraction Input with Scanf

    Hey fellers. I'm brand spanking new to the forums and I wanted to introduce myself with my first post. So honestly, I'm working on my homework, and the problem is I'm looking to input a fraction like so "5 2/3". Now I figured I would use a pointer to a char, from there I would tokenize this string for the space and the forward slash. The current problem is that I use scanf, with that pointer yet my program crashes...I'm calling scanf like so:

    char stockTicker[6+1];
    char *pFraction = NULL;
    float pricePerShare,
    int whole,
    dem, i = 0;
    char slash;

    printf( " Enter the stocker symbol: " );
    scanf( "%s", &stockTicker );

    printf( "\n Enter the price per share of %s: ", stockTicker );
    scanf( "%s", &pFraction ); //Doesn't crash here

    printf( "%s", *pFraction ); //Actually its crashing here. ???

    I would prefer it if the solution doesn't have any function calls to another library. Oh and I just read the homework topic, I'm not intending for you all to do my work...the thing is...I have the solution but its in c++, all it required was using cin....*sigh*
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    You can't read into an uninitialised pointer. pFraction needs to be an actual array of characters just like stockTicker.
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