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    Creating a program using print f

    These are the directions:

    1. Prompt the user to enter a character, an integer value (between 0 and 9), and a float value.
    2. Use printf formatting to print each value on its own line with the following specifications:
    a. All values should be right aligned 10 spaces from the left of the screen
    b. The integer should have 2 preceding zeros
    c. The float value should be printed with 3 decimal places

    This is what I have so far:

    int main(void)
        char ch;
        int integer;
        float value;
        printf("Please enter a character:  ");
        scanf(" %c", &ch);
        printf("Please enter an integer value: ");
        scanf("%d", &integer );
        printf("Please enter a float value: ");
        scanf("%f", &value );
        printf("You Entered   \n%c\n%2d\n%7.2f");
        return 0;
    I am having a problem figuring out how to print out the character and printing it out 10 spaces to the left of the screen.

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    The code things have to be all caps, there should be a button for it.

    But for your problem in the printf's just put 10 spaces in it like this...

    printf("          You Entered \n%c\n%2d\n%7.2f");
    or you could make a loop for it every time so you don't have to put in 10 spaces.

    I hope this is what you mean and I hope it helps.

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    ok thank you..what about printing out a character? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong that makes it not print out.

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    You have to put variables after the format string in your printf statement to say which variables you want printed.

    Also it's [/code] not [\code].

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    > The code things have to be all caps
    No it doesn't, but the \ has to be a / at the end.
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