Thread: problem to read large file.

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    problem to read large file.

    I have problem to read large file.
    The file have 900 000 lines, and 3 column:
    First to columns is coordinate - lat, lon
    third column is integer.
    When array is 600 000 program work, but if I put 700 000 don't work
    What I must to do?

    Code is:

    int main(void)
    	FILE *in;
    	float lat[600000], lon[600000];
    	int value[600000], i;
    	/*open file*/
    	if((in=fopen("file2.txt", "r")) == NULL) {
    		printf("Cannot open file");
    	for(i=1; i<10; i++) {
    		fscanf(in, "%f%f%d", &lat[i], &lon[i], &value[i]);
    		printf("%.3f %.3f %d\n", lat[i], lon[i], value[i]);
    	printf("%.3f %.3f %d\n", lat[i], lon[i], value[i]); //cheta 5-tia red
    	return 0;

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    You should take your EXCEEDINGLY large arrays off the stack, because you're running out of stack space.

    Most systems give you between 1 and 8MB of memory for the stack, which is usually sufficient for all but the most recursive of programs.

    A quick hack is
    static int large[1000000];

    A much better approach is to use dynamic memory (malloc etc)
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