Thread: Very easy code I know...

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    Very easy code I know...

    it is giving me problems though, I am a beginner and cannot find the reason for this code to not work properly, it compiles but the output it gives is way off

    //convereting hours to seconds
    #include <stdio.h>
    //define constants
    #define SECONDS_IN_HOUR 3600
    int main () {
        //introduce variables
        float hours_waited, seconds_waited;
        //get user input
        printf("How many hours were you waiting?\n");
        scanf("%.2f", &hours_waited);
        seconds_waited = hours_waited*SECONDS_IN_HOUR;
        printf("You waited for %.2f seconds!!\n", seconds_waited);
        return 0;

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    scanf("%.2f", &hours_waited);
    You can't use .2 in there. Just use %f.

    If you compile your code with warnings turned up, you would find these sorts of problems:

    ucf.c:15: warning: unknown conversion type character ‘.’ in format
    ucf.c:15: warning: too many arguments for format

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    Ah thank you, I am using Dev C++ how do I turn my warnings up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCFuser View Post
    Ah thank you, I am using Dev C++ how do I turn my warnings up?
    Thought by default wanring was turned on Dev-C++. Anyway this the way you do it, to override the compiler setting on the GUI.

    Tools -> Compiler Options

    In the Add the following commands when calling compiler test box type
    -W -Wall

    To turn on the warning.

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