Thread: Nonportable pointer conversion - please help

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    Question Nonportable pointer conversion - please help

    I have this struct
    typedef struct _Vector_t* Vector;
    typedef void *Elem;
    struct _Vector_t {
    Elem *array;
    int intOrChar;
    int arraysize;
    int numOfElements;
    Lets say the there are some elements in the array . lets say (1,2,3,4)
    I want to reverse them in the array using a recursion
    I wrote this function :

    Result Reverse_Vector(Vector v,int length)
    {   int tempVal;
    		if(length <= (v->arraysize)/2)
    			return Success;
    		tempVal = v->array[length-1]; // Nonportable pointer conversion		
                                    v->array[length- 1]= v-array[v->arraysize - length]; //undifined symbol "array"
    		v->array[(v->arraysize) - length] = tempVal; //Nonportable pointer conversion
    		return Reverse_Vector(v,length -1);
    can anyone help me I just don't know what is the problem here ..

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    Declare tempVal to be of type Elem, not an int. That will eliminate the complaints about a non-portable pointer conversion. The reason is that, if you want to store an element of an array in a variable, that variable needs to be the same type (or a type compatible with) the elements of the array.

    The undefined symbol array message is probably resulting from a typo: leaving a '>' out of "v->array[etc etc]". Confusing a compiler with a typo is an effective way of getting confusing error messages.
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    Thanx man it worked..GOD i forgot that it's a type of an Elem .

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