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    Unhappy Someone Please Help! ASAP!!

    I have an assignment due tonight. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had to go to the hospital with these kidney stones and I am still here! Doc wants to see if I can pass them on my own and IT IS PAINFUL! I brought my laptop but am kind of out of it. Could someone please help so I do not get a bad grade, please! This is for a module of an electrical engineering course. I need a few brief paragraphs or answers to the following:

    1. Advantages and disadvantages of functional programming.

    2. Working principle of a RS-232 port.

    3. Specification of a RS-232 port.

    4. Main commands for operation of a RS-232 port.

    5. Design a simple program in C or C++ to read/write data to/from a RS-232 port.

    6. Summary/Conclusion

    Whom ever helps I will be indebted to you for my life! I am so sick and really need someone's help! I will keep an eye, I have to rest a bit am on heavy medication. Thanks so much whomever helps me.

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    Someone Please Help! ASAP!!

    Youre not getting any help faster by posting in several boards.

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