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    Question scanf problem

    peace upon you all every one :

    Iím having a little problem with the scanf() function

    the following code asks three users about their age using

    and then it matches if user_age >= 18 and user_age <= 100 and scanf() returned something except zero.

    if the user entered a character or any except integer scanf() fails and return zero then the code loop back and try to reread the user age .

    the problem is that scanf() wonít re prompt the user to enter any thing !!

    but just keep returning 0 and the program keep trying to reread the age

    here is the code :
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	int i = 0;
    	int user_age = 0;
    	int scanf_result = 0;
    	for (i=1 ; i<=5 ; i++)
    		printf("user number %i Enter your Age : ",i);
    		scanf_result = scanf("%i",&user_age);
    		if (user_age >= 18 && user_age <= 100 && scanf_result > 0)
    			//if the user input is >= 18 and <= 100 and scanf() returned non zero (succeeded) then
    			//do some work with the user input
    			printf("your age should be an integer from 18 to 100 try again\n");
    			i = i -1;
    	printf ("\n");
    	return 0;

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    scanf does not remove invalid input. That's your responsibility. Check the FAQ.

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    while(getchar()!='\n') ;
    will flush the buffer
    You ended that sentence with a preposition...Bastard!

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    Test the return value from scanf() ... if you're looking for one variable, anything but a 1 returned is an error... scanf("%d",&x) will return 0 if the user types in a letter instead of a number.

    Functions have return values for a reason.

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