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    Force relative paths

    Hi in my program there is an option to enter a directory as a command line argument. Is there any check I can perform to see whether this directory is relative to the current working directory?

    For example if we are /home/user and the user wants to input /home/user/folder they have to type ./folder.

    I need this to keep folder structure. Failing this is there anyway which I can compare two strings to produce the relative paths.

    For example I will always have the current working directory in absolute stored in 'cwd' and I will also have the absolute path of the user entered directory stored in 'folder'

    Can I compare the two and produce a relative path of 'folder' from 'cwd'?

    Thanks for your help

    Edit: This program is intended for Ubuntu Linux btw

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    Absolute paths start with /

    Relative paths don't.

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    Cheers. Never even thought about that, been racking my brain for ages.

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