Thread: Transfer function in C ? How to do it ?

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    Question Transfer function in C ? How to do it ?

    Does anyone know how to implement a transfer function in C ? Or how do you get a time domain function, and get it into s-domain in C ? For instance lets say you have 3e^-t in time domain, and in s-domain its 3/(s+1). How to go from time domain to s-domain ?

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    Taking a guess purely from context, I am guessing you are looking for something like this:

    Numerical Laplace Transforms and Inverse Transforms in C# - CodeProject

    First result on google. Should be pretty straightforward to translate to C.

    Now write some code, and post again when you have a coding problem that we can help with, and please put a bit more effort into your question asking.
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    maybe you want to look at the GSL library for numerical Laplace transform. To do it symbolically in C would be difficult.
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