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    I'm using TextEdit, and i made sure it's plain text(instead of the default rich text format).
    Doesn't matter; TextEdit will change three dots to an ellipsis character for you anyway. (You can watch it happen: open your file in TextEdit, type three dots and then a space, and watch the change in the file. In the "default" view the ellipsis character is wider than the three dots, so it will get bigger; if you're in a fixed-width font, then you can see the three characters collapse into one.) You can hit command-shift-t (or choose Make Plain Text off the menu) if you want; but it won't revert that character back to three dots, nor will it stop changing three dots into a single character.

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    Here's another question, how can i read the contents of an entire file? Do i have to go through line by line using fgets()?
    Most of the read functions will read a line at a time; if you want to do a binary read you can read arbitrary-sized chunks if you want, I suppose. Remember: you have to provide the memory for the file contents to be placed into (like you did with message) so that's what you'll want to have happen anyway.

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    Yes - you'll set up a WHILE or DO / WHILE or FOR loop.
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