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    data type of passed argument

    Hello, I want to pass the name of double variables as arguments to a function. I tried to do it by passing them as string arrays. They passed OK, but the function did not act upon the original double variables as I had intended.
    Can someone please help ? - Can this be done in C ?
    Thanks kindly.

    example of passing the name of a double to the function in the form of a string array:
    This is the function. How do I get scanf to recognise the string argument as a real double variable ? At the moment it is not.
    int validChecker(char argumentRepresentingADoubleVariable[]) {
          scanf("%lf", &argumentRepresentingADoubleVariable);
     return 0;   

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    you can't do type mismatch like that. you can't read double into a string. If you want to scan into a variable like that you have to pass in as pointer.
    void validChecker( double *var)
    int main()
       double x; 
        return 0; 
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