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    Time conversion

    can anybody helps me, please?
    Write a program to convert from 12-hour time format to 24-hour time format. The 12-
    hour format has the form hours:minutes followed by either A, P, AM, or PM (either lower
    case or upper case but not mixed). One white space is allowed but not required between
    the numerical time and the AM/PM indicator. The 24-hour format must be printed with
    leading zeros, to ensure that a 24-hour time always consists of four digits. The output
    line is followed by a new-line character.

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    Here's a tip to get you started: read the homework policy.

    Then, make a decent effort to do this on your own. If you still have problems, come back, post your code (in code tags) and ask specific questions.

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    Cross-posted here as well (broadcast homework - yummy)
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