Thread: MPI and/or Pthreads: demo materials?

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    MPI and/or Pthreads: demo materials?


    We just set up a High Performance Computing lab at our college and we need to give a seminar so that other departments can see what resources we now enjoy.

    We have systems for MPI (12-node mini-cluster) using ROCKS networking, CUDA(Nvidia GPGPUs) and Pthreads.

    Nvidia provides bountiful demo programs, but STFW though I might, I can't find anything to use for Pthreads or MPI. I have the books & tutorials...most things just aren't set up for this purpose: I would prefer not to buy something unless someone is going to use it here, and I can't show them what there might be to use without some demo materials.

    Any pointers to resources would be much appreciated. I'm not even sure what forums there might be for this sort of marketing stuff......I only belong to ones like this.

    Chris Lanz

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    Not sure if it helps, but I used this site a lot in grad school when I was using pthreads.

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